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Keep Screen On – Duy Nguyen

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Duy Nguyen - Keep Screen On アートワーク Keep Screen On
Duy Nguyen
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2019年3月31日

Very important : This application doesn't modify phone's setting to increase screen auto-lock time. It is just a small trick to keep screen on when running.

Tip: Pin to dock bar for best experience.

This app has the main function is to prevent your device from going to sleep mode, which is convenient for you while waiting for the xcode build is finished.

Step 1: Run the app (on your device).

Step 2: Use Xcode to build and deploy your application onto the device.

Step 3: App will prevent your device from falling into sleep mode and hide in the background when your application is deployed.

You can set the maximum timeout to avoid the case when your application fails to deploy , make the app stuck on waiting.

You can also set an alarm when your application has been deployed

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