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Haptique – A guide to haptics – Thuy Gia Nguyen

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Thuy Gia Nguyen - Haptique - A guide to haptics アートワーク Haptique - A guide to haptics
Thuy Gia Nguyen
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥160
リリース日: 2020年10月20日

Haptique is an essential tool for designers and developers who want to break into the world of haptic feedback. With the powerful Haptic Engine in the latest iPhones, you can enrich the user experience of your app with small vibrations/thuds upon success, completion, or failure. With Haptique you get exactly what you need in a clean and simple interface where you can tap and feel each and every haptic available in iOS.

Does your UI-button need a light thud or a heavy thud? Maybe even a Failure haptic when things go bad. Enrich the user experience in your app with Haptique - A guide for haptic feedback

For designers, Haptique gives you the equivalent of Superman's X-ray vision, but for haptics. Instead of asking a developer to try out every haptic available and wasting valuable time. Take back the control, and decide exactly which haptic is the correct one for your delicious button. As a bonus, including this information in your handover, is often highly appreciated by developers.

Haptique has a gorgeous dark mode theme ready for you when you wake up sweaty from a nightmare where you dreamed that your developer used the Failure haptic for a success screen.

- Requires iPhone 7 or later due to the 2nd gen Taptic Engine.
- iOS 14 Minimum

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