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Flat Pattern – Imran Pinjara

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Imran Pinjara - Flat Pattern アートワーク Flat Pattern
Imran Pinjara
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥730
リリース日: 2019年12月5日

It is very helpful for developing fabrication layout of all types of shapes generally used in fabrication. it is minimize fabrication time, increased accuracy.

Flat Pattern Calculator is Tool for All Types of Widely used fabrication shapes Such as Pipe, Truncated Pipes, Pipe Branch Connections, Pipe to Cone Intersections, Cone, Truncated Cone, Eccentric Cone, Tori Cone, Multi-Level Cone, Square to Round, Rectangular to Round, Round to Square, Round to Rectangular, Pyramid, Truncated Pyramids, Sphere, Dish ends, Miter bend, Fabricated Bend, Cut Bend, Screw Flight etc.

In this App Following Fabrication Flat Patterns Options are available :

Pipe Layout or Shell Layout or Pipe Flat Pattern.
Truncated Pipe Layout or Pipe cut at any angle Flat Pattern.
Truncated Pipe at Both end layout or Pipe cut by an angle on both side Flat Pattern.
Pipe to Pipe Intersection with equal Diameters or Pipe Branch connection Flat Pattern.
Pipe to Pipe Intersection with unequal diameters or Pipe Branch Connection Flat Pattern.
Pipe to Pipe Intersection with offset diameters or Pipe Branch Connection Flat Pattern.
Pipe to Cone intersection at Perpendicular to Axis Flat Pattern.
Pipe to Cone Inter Section at Parallel to Axis Flat Pattern.
Pipe Truncated by Radius Flat Pattern.
Full Cone Layout Flat Pattern.
Truncated or Half Cone Layout Flat Pattern.
Multi Level Cone Layout Flat Pattern.
Eccentric Cone Layout Flat Pattern.
Multilevel eccentric cone layouts Flat Pattern.
Tori cone with Knuckle radius at large end Flat Pattern.
Tori cone with Knuckle radius at both ends Flat Pattern.
Rectangle to Round or Square to Round Transition layout Flat Pattern.
Round to Rectangle or Round to Square transition layout Flat Pattern.
Pyramid layout Flat Pattern.
Truncated Pyramid Layout Flat Pattern.
Sphere Petal Layouts Flat Pattern.
Dish End Petal Layouts Flat Pattern.
Miter Bend Layout Flat Pattern.
Screw Flight Layout Flat Pattern.

In this application cone,shell,pipe,pipe branch connections, full cone, half cone, truncated cone, square to round, round to square, rectangular to round, Round to rectangular, pyramid, truncated pyramid, cone to pipe branch, spheres, dish ends etc.

it is useful for those who are working in Pressure vessels fabrication, process equipment fabrication, welding, Piping, Insulation, Ducting, heavy Equipment fabrication, Storage tank, Agitators, Mechanical equipment, structures, industrial fabrication, heat ex changers etc.

it is best tool for production engineers, fabrication engineer, planning engineers, costing and estimating engineers, project engineers, fabrication contractor, fabrication supervisors, fabrication fitters, fabrication worker.

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