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Tube Exits by Station Master – Frostmd LLP

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Frostmd LLP - Tube Exits by Station Master アートワーク Tube Exits by Station Master
Frostmd LLP
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥900
リリース日: 2014年6月21日

Co-created by Geoff Marshall, a two-times Guinness World Record Holder for travelling to all Tube stations in the fastest time possible (a record he held most recently from 2013–2015).

Tube Exits (previously Exit the Tube) contains details of the best door position to be nearest the exit at every station on the London Underground, original 84 Overground (pre-June 2015) stations and Docklands Light Railway. It also shows you the interchange corridors, passageways and lifts. The only exits App with correct door positions for new S-Stock trains and the new Tottenham Court Road Northern Line station.

The information in Tube Exits is built-in so it is available at all times underground, without an internet connection.

Note: Tube Exits is not a route planning App.

London's Transport Network is constantly changing and evolving rapidly and we continually update the information in Tube Exits to reflect changes to the network and from community contributions and corrections. Please send any corrections and contributions via the Contact section of the App.

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