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Yangmei Studios AB - Sthlm Travel アートワーク Sthlm Travel
Yangmei Studios AB
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥300
リリース日: 2015年4月21日

The fastest and most convenient way to travel within the public transport of Stockholm (SL). The app helps you plan your journey, as well as view departures for metro, train, bus, tram and boat.


* Trip Planner - Specify your place of departure and your destination, and we will provide you with trip suggestions.
* Departures - View departures for all stations within Stockholm.
* Traffic State - Get information about the current state of traffic, and any potential deviations or disruptions.
* Siri Shortcuts - Search for a trip, view departure information or find nearby stations directly by using Siri.
* Deep links - Navigate directly to a search for a trip, departure information, or nearby stations, by using our deep links.
* Reminder - Get a reminder before it’s time to depart for your trip.
* Spotlight - Search for trips or departure information for your favorite stations from Spotlight.
* Dark mode - Use the app in both light and dark mode, with the option to switch seamlessly in our Settings menu.
* Languages - Choose between showing English, Swedish, or Chinese Mandarin, directly from within our Settings menu.

All our information is fetched and displayed through the public API:s supplied by Trafiklab.

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