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SpeakMorrocan – Midou

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Midou - SpeakMorrocan アートワーク SpeakMorrocan
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2020年2月4日

You often make trips to Morocco and you want to know what Moroccans say when they speak in front of you and this application is made for you. It contains lots of French words translated into Moroccan dialect called daRija.

Morocco has two official languages ​​namely Arabic and Berber. Each of the two languages ​​is spoken in different dialect forms, while Classical Arabic is the administrative language.

Other languages ​​such as French, and to a lesser extent Spanish, are also very present in Morocco, while English is gaining ground in the world of business and international trade.

With this application, you will learn a lot of words and sentences that are pronounced frequently during your stay in Morocco.

It is also intended for adults and children who live outside Morocco and who do not have the chance to meet Moroccans to converse and practice their native dialect.

The application is also useful for visitors to Algeria and Tunisia since most Moroccan words are also used by Algerians and Tunisians and vice versa.

The application contains the following menu:

- Letters to know
- Usual words
- Greetings
- Personal pronouns
- Numbers
- Possessive pronouns
- Demonstrative pronouns
- Family
- Colors
- Month, day, ...
- Body members
- Fruits and vegetables
- etc ...

Other words will be added in future versions. If you find any errors, please contact me thanks and good daRija!

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