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Big Island Revealed Drive Tour – WizardPublications, Inc.

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WizardPublications, Inc. - Big Island Revealed Drive Tour アートワーク Big Island Revealed Drive Tour
WizardPublications, Inc.
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥1,600
リリース日: 2021年8月27日

Revealed Tours: Brought to you by the world’s best-selling travel experts loved by millions!

Explore Big Island at your leisure with our GPS driving tour and audio guides!

Get access to AMAZING tours that span the entire island, from Kona to Hilo!

Our guided tours cover Puna and Pahoa, Volcanoes National Park, Kohala and the Saddle Road, as well as the highest points on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa down to the best beaches, and so much more!

Our audio tours — narrated by Andrew Doughty, local travel expert — span the entire Big Island, detailing the hotspots and best hidden gems, as well as local legends & stories that have defined the spirit of Hawaii.


• Travel at your own pace while having all the benefits of a local tour guide! Available offline
• Hundreds of guided audio driving tours
• Choose between listening to guided audio narrations as you drive or browse the guides from the comfort of your own home
• Learn of the incredible stories & legends of Hawaii
• Turn-by-turn directions that help you find the best sights, hotspots, and recommendations
• Listen to your own music between narrations


Using the app is like having a local friend drive you around!

We offer REAL insights that only experts who live in Hawaii can offer. We know these beaches, businesses and sights because we eat, sleep, and breathe them!

You decide where to drive and we’ll tell you everything you need to know along the way!


Our app gives you access to all of our guides & narrations across the entirety of Big Island.

Our tours encompass Big Island’s famous Volcanoes National Park, with stories from the most recent eruptions, as well as waterfalls and scenic pull-offs across the island.

You’ll also find detailed driving tours of the greenest parts of the island near Hilo and the sunniest beaches near Kona, as well as plenty of stories and legends.

Our tours cover the entire island, so you never miss out on fun stories, historical tales, and even modern history. Not to mention we’ll help you find the best restaurants, coolest sights, most impressive waterfalls, and nicest beaches.


Our Hawaii Revealed series of travel guides have been loved by millions of people for decades.

Our goal is always to provide fun, meaningful experiences that get you to fall in love with our islands.

We want to be your tour guides so you can see Hawaii as we’ve seen it for years — as a beautiful, inspiring place that truly is a world wonder.


• Once you have the app downloaded, you don’t need to worry about our app using your cellular data!

• WiFi-only devices are unable to use audio narration while driving due to the requirement of GPS. You can still check out our narrations while in browsing mode, but the audio won’t activate as you drive along.

• It’s advisable to carry a backup battery charger or a phone charger for your car when using audio narration while driving.

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