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Volleyball Referee: – Dan Zrobok

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Dan Zrobok - Volleyball Referee: アートワーク Volleyball Referee:
Dan Zrobok
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥2,440
リリース日: 2014年5月5日

Volleyball Referee is the only Advanced Volleyball Scoreboard System in the store. Scorekeeping made so easy you can say goodbye to your pencil and paper forever.

Referees: Simplify your job.
Parents: Track your children's matches in detail.
Spectators: Participate while your cheer on your team.


- Score
- Rosters
- Rotations between 2-6 players
- Dual Libero Support
- Substitutions
- Timeouts, Custom Duration & Technical Timeouts
- Unlimited Sets & Matches
- Sanctions
- Player Names and Numbers (0 to 99)
- Custom match length and duration
- USAV Libero Serve Tracking
- FIVB-like scoresheet generation
- Point by Point game logs

Any change can be undone with our full Undo and Redo support


- AirPlay and Video Out Support: Show matches on a TV set
- Locally Broadcast your match via Bluetooth or Wifi (no data plan required)
- Facebook & Twitter Integration for social sharing
- Store and Apply Custom Team Templates with Rosters, Names and Colors
- 'Score Display Mode' to easily display the score to spectators by flicking your wrist (which will make your phone turn upside down) and showing the screen.
- Import / Export your matches via email and send them to your friends
- Airdrop via 'Social Sharing' button in Match Control. Enable AirDrop on the source and destination devices to transfer a match.
- Native iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus screen sizes. You bought the larger screen, enjoy the extra screen real estate.
- Standard Bluetooth Keyboard Support
- No internet connection required, all matches are stored on your device.
- Quick Scoreboard Today Widget for Notification Center that lets you scorekeep a match without having to open the app specifically.


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