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StopWatch For Swimming – German PARDO

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German PARDO - StopWatch For Swimming アートワーク StopWatch For Swimming
German PARDO
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2014年5月14日

This is a Stopwatch specific for Swimming.

It uses the volume buttons to control the start/stop/lap functions, so you can have your eyes on the course!. Includes the individual and relay events for elites, college and high school. You can time relay teams with a single button, recording individual splits along with total individual and teams times.

It includes support for 3 type of courses: SCY (25y), SCM (25m) y LCM (50m). Also it has 26 predefined events (21 individual and 5 relays).

The application can be used to time one or multiple swimmers in the same race. Also it includes a module which allows you to time relay events.

Keeps all your events history for later review and analysis. Each performance can be shared by email.

It allows you to Import/Export swimmers. This is useful when you have a big roaster and needs to be imported to the app. Also if you have the app installed in different devices (iPad and iPhone), it facilitates the process of keeping on sync the roaster.

It allows to predefine Teams of swimmers (before the meet). These teams, along with individual swimmers, are available to pick from when using the app during meets; these expedite you the process of timing events during the meet.

Smart Stop feature: because this app has preloaded the events, it knows exactly when the final lap is, so it will stop the stopwatch at the end of the final lap, regardless of the button you use (lap or stop).

Laps can be set at one length of the course or two lengths of the course based on your preferences.

Because StopWatch for Track and Field knows the event characteristics, you can record:

-The distance for each lap
-The swimmer estimated time during each lap
-The estimated time of your relay team
-The individual lap times and total time per leg in relay events

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