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Skydive Planner – Ivan Peters

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Ivan Peters - Skydive Planner アートワーク Skydive Planner
Ivan Peters
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2010年10月15日

Skydive Planner helps you plan, share, and score your skydives.

- Supports 4-way & 8-way FS and 2-way & 4-way CF.
- Competition dives can be generated from any pool.
- The number of rounds or points per round can be adjusted to generate training dives or fun jumps.
- Save your favorite plans for future reference.
- Share dive plans with others via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and Air Drop.
- Handy reference tables show you what formations are in all the pools including clear color images.
- Use the built-in scorekeeper to score dives without needing one person to watch the dive and another to watch the clock.

© © 2010 Ivan Peters