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Kart Chassis Setup – Analysis and tuning – ISEnet

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ISEnet - Kart Chassis Setup - Analysis and tuning アートワーク Kart Chassis Setup - Analysis and tuning
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥960
リリース日: 2014年6月8日

Set up your kart chassis analyzing information like cold and hot tyre pressures, tyre temperatures and behaviour in corners. Using all the data the application will give you some recommendations about how to adjust your chassis in order to resolve any set up problem that you're suffering. For each advice, you'll find an explanation about the adjustment. The explanation usually contains pictures to be more understandable.

The application is valid for sprint (road) karts and for all classes (adult or senior, cadet, junior). It's usefull for both experienced or novice drivers. For the former, it'll be a second opinion about what's wrong with the chassis setup, and for novices it will teach them the secrets of the chassis adjustments and chassis setup.

The application is made up of four tabs that are described next:

- Driving: in this tab you'll have to inform about how the driver feels the behaviour of the kart in corners. In the first fields, "Behaviour in corners" you'll have to enter the information about what the driver is feeling and in which grade, that is, if it's very noticeable or not. These are the most important information used by the application to calculate the advices. You can enter, in this tab, if the track is clockwise or anti-clockwise, and the current temperature. Both elements are taking into consideration for calculations.
Besides, you can indicate some information about the driver in order to adjust the calculations for his weight and chassis special features.

- Pressure: in this tab you can inform about the hot and cold pressures of each tyre.

- Temperature: you can set in this screen the information about hot tyre temperatures in the inside, middle and outside of the patch.

- Results: this tab will show you some recommendations related on which adjustments you can do to solve any problem in the chassis setup that you can be suffering. A screen with detailed information about the adjustment will be shown. This explanation is very important in the "Modify pressures" advice, because it will show how much you should adjust your pressures.

The app let you use different measure units: ºC y ºF for temperatures, PSI and BAR for pressures, lb and kg for weights.

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