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Jetting for IAME kart engines – ISEnet

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ISEnet - Jetting for IAME kart engines アートワーク Jetting for IAME kart engines
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥730
リリース日: 2015年11月10日

This app provides, for the current weather conditions and a given engine configuration (engine model, gas, etc.), a jetting and exhaust length recommendation for IAME Parilla X30 Senior or Junior (Tillotson & Tryton carbs), X30 Super 175cc & Leopard engines.

In order to get the weather values, the application can use the GPS to obtain the position and altitude, and the network connection to get the temperature, pressure and humidity from the nearest weather station. Nevertheless, the application can run without GPS and internet connection, in this case, the user has to give the weather data.

The application is made up of four tabs that are described next.

- Results: In this tab, a recommended jetting and exhaust length setup are shown. These data are calculated depending on the weather conditions and the engine and track configuration given in the following tabs. The following values are given: high needle, low needle, pop-off pressure and exhaust length. Besides this information, the air density and density altitude are shown too. In addition, this tab lets do a fine tunning adjustment for the high and low needles to adapt to the concrete engine.

- Weather: In the second tab, called Weather, you can set the values for current temperature, pressure, altitude and humidity. The values of this screen can be manually set or can be loaded by the application reading the data from the nearest weather station (from the GPS tab).

- Engine: You must set in this screen the information about the engine, that is, the engine type (Leopard, X30 Senior, X30 Junior X30 Super), carburetor, exhaust restrictions (for Junior engines), the oil mix ratio and the type of the circuit (short or long tracks). Depending of the track type, the jetting setups will be adapted.

- GPS: This tab allows to use the GPS to get the current position and altitude, and connect to an external service to get the weather conditions of the nearest weather station (temperature, pressure and humidity).

The application works with different measure units: inHg, mb, mmHg, hPa, atm for pressure, ºC and ºF for temperature.

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