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KND Marine SOCIEDAD LIMITADA - iPolar アートワーク iPolar
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥1,340
リリース日: 2012年12月8日

iPolar generates sailing yachts polars of cruising yachts and cruiser racers from a very simple set of data.

iPolar is fully functional on iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.

Mandatory Input data:

- Length Overall
- Displacement
- Mainsail area
- Jib area

(units can be set to metric or imperial)

Optional data:

- Length Waterline
- Symmetrical Spinnaker area
- Assymetrical spinnaker aera

For each sail configuration in the input data, iPolars will compute a performance polar decribing the yacht performance in kts for wind strength ranging from 4 to 30kts and true wind angles ranging from 0° to 180°

Output format:

Resulting polars can be visualized as a graph and as a table of numbers within iPolar.

In addition, the polars can be sent directly to the weather/routing application Weather4D Pro.


iPolar has been developed to generate accurate polars of cruising yachts. It currently does not handle multihulls and is limited to yachts with a size ranging from 8 to 20m. The accuracy of the application decreases for yachts whose displacement to length and sail area to displacement ratios are outside the usual range for production cruisers and cruiser racers.

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