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CurlingSimulator – Geoffrey Domm

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Geoffrey Domm - CurlingSimulator アートワーク CurlingSimulator
Geoffrey Domm
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2012年6月19日

Curling is a sport in which heavy granite stones are slid across a sheet of ice toward a target. The sport is played between two teams, each consisting of four players who all take turns delivering the stones.

Curling was first played in medieval Scotland, and is now an Olympic sport. Curling is often referred to as "chess on ice", because in addition to the physical aspects of the sport, the strategy of placement of the stones is extremely important.

The CurlingSimulator is a simulator of the sport for the iPhone and iPad. Players can plan their shots and deliver the stones either automatically or manually. Either team can be setup as a computer opponent.

The level of difficulty for human players can be set to a variety of levels, which allows for competitive play at all different skill levels. The computer players can also be handicapped by reducing their skill level or their strategic thinking.

Either a game can be played, or a single shot can be setup by placing stones in the field of play.

The performance of the game is based on real physics. If desired, the user can experiment by changing the physical constants that affect the game.

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