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Curl Clocks – Stephen Orr

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Stephen Orr - Curl Clocks アートワーク Curl Clocks
Stephen Orr
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2018年2月6日

Add Pace of Play training to your coaching regime. Easy to use curling competition clocks and data analysis. Use an iPad as a display for the Athletes, and control the clocks from a second device (iPhone or iPad).

Keeping Time

Easy to use interface to set up and time a game.
Built in presets for most game types
Ability to customize literally every aspect of game timing
- Time Per Shot / End / Game
- Time For and Extra End
- Time Between Ends / Mid Game Break / Extra End Break
- Team Names & Colours (from 6 available)
- Number and length of timeouts
- Coach walkout times (near and far)
Easily add/remove time to an individual clock
Display hammer, timeout (with coach walkout), technical timeout, timeouts available.
Bluetooth pair - use iPad as display for Athletes, smartphone to control everything.
Connect to a second display (via HDMI or AirPlay) to drive a large panel.

Training Pace of Play

Display Banked Time (Ahead / Behind Clocks)
3 Graphs in 5 Configurations
- Team vs. Team - Time Taken Per Shot and Running Average
- Team vs. Team - Average End
- Team Vs. Team - Banked Time Per Shot
- “A” Team - Time Take vs. Banked Time Per Shot
- “B” Team - Time Take vs. Banked Time Per Shot

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