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GraafICT - Analyzer by Sportalyzer アートワーク Analyzer by Sportalyzer
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2015年2月22日

Analyzer is THE App to help you analyze movements in sports! Whether you're a professional coach, top athlete or a hobbyist, Analyzer is created in such a user-friendly way that it can be used by everybody. If you're looking to improve any part of a movement in your favorite sport, Analyzer is all you need!

Analyzer is developed by professionals in sport: Coaches, Physiotherapists, PE Teachers and professional athletes to analyse technical movements in sports. The analysis is based on a model for movement phasing (Meinel, 1974; Carr, 2006) which is internationally seen as The standard. The model has been further developed (Bosman & Hoeboer, 2008) to also support analyzing technical movements in sports.

By analyzing technical movements with the Analyzer you are assisted in looking very closely at the whole movement and it ensures you can focus on the crucial specific parts of the movement that contains the essence.

The user is guided through a series of steps that finally result in an analysis report. This report can be saved, e-mailed and directly printed from within the App!

- Quickly load up a new/existing video
- Play/Stop video to the point you need, possibly in slowmotion
- Swipe on the video to specifically move frames forwards/backwards
- Analyse using professional drawing tools such as angles & degrees, center of gravity points, arrows, etc. It's possible to use different colors if necessary.
- Create a professional analysis report that you can e-mail as a PDF file.

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