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"SURPRISE MESSAGES" – Ismael Martinez

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Ismael Martinez - "SURPRISE MESSAGES"
Ismael Martinez
ジャンル: ソーシャルネットワーキング
価格: ¥150
リリース日: 2018年5月9日


This fun application is a great alternative for people who are always looking for new things, it is an application that is essential in any phone or tablet, because it helps you create fun and unique surprise messages or texts, the possibility that a message is equal to another is practically impossible, that is why and by many more things than "Surprise Messages" must be on your phone or tablet.

With this application you can convert a text or a series of texts (poems, thoughts, letters ... your imagination is the limit) in unique emojis chains, these chains can be messages that you can share in your social networks (installed on your device) , or send as text messages or in notepad files, the possibilities are endless.

The way in which you can discover the content of the message surprise sent to you, the ones you send, the ones you see published or that you post on the wall of a social network, is using this same application. ¡Attention - Watch out! All surprise messages must be generated using this application.

The effect produced by the surprise messages created by this application is very fun, because people can´t stand the curiosity of knowing what they say the messages they see published or that the directly sent them, the time it takes a person to discover what that says a surprise message are seconds of pure adrenaline and expectation. Likewise, this adrenaline and expectation will feel you when you send a surprise message created in "Surprise Messages". We recommend do you have patience and do not drop your phone or tablet of such curiosity and despair when you see that someone public a hybrid surprise message addressed to you ...

Take advantage that the "Surprise Messages" application is available "FREE OF ALL ADVERTISEMENTS" so you will not be bothered when you are writing or discovering your surprise messages.

What are you waiting for? Download this fantastic application and start sending or posting surprise messages!!!

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