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Spell Checker+ – Paradigm Agnostic

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Paradigm Agnostic - Spell Checker+ アートワーク Spell Checker+
Paradigm Agnostic
ジャンル: 辞書/辞典/その他
価格: ¥370
リリース日: 2015年3月6日

Spell Checker+ is an easy to use app that allows you to find, spell, define and pronounce words in US English; UK English; French; German; Spanish; Italian; Dutch; Swedish; Russian and Portuguese.

Suggests words and shows related words as you type.
Pronounces words to help you identify the correct spelling.
Sells out the words to make writing easier.
Shows word definitions.
Works off-line.

Spell Checker+ can also help spell foreign words when you are abroad or just doing schoolwork. Simply select the language you want to use.

A FREE version of Spell Checker is also available.

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