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Pizzey and Knight Birds of Aus – Gibbon Multimedia Pty Ltd

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Gibbon Multimedia Pty Ltd - Pizzey and Knight Birds of Aus アートワーク Pizzey and Knight Birds of Aus
Gibbon Multimedia Pty Ltd
ジャンル: 辞書/辞典/その他
価格: ¥3,920
リリース日: 2013年11月20日

The PIZZEY AND KNIGHT BIRDS OF AUSTRALIA Digital Edition for iPhone and iPad is a comprehensive and interactive application that combines images and sounds on over 900 Australian bird species with seven interactive modules for every aspect of mobile birding. A slide menu facilitates easy navigation between all modules.

The app can be used as a FIELD GUIDE (like the book) or as a BIRD LIST, with essential functions such as view bird page, distribution map or text, play the sound, add to your list, and view similar birds available directly in both.

The FIELD GUIDE displays the full field guide (family) pages of the book. You can browse the pages, select from the family list, or search for a specific species in the bird list. Selecting a bird links to the full functions toolbar.

The BIRD GUIDE includes a full bird list and links to individual BIRD PAGES for over 900 species, with illustrations, species text, colour-coded distribution maps, photographs and sounds. Selecting a bird in the list opens the full functions toolbar. Optional settings for the BIRD LIST include regional lists, bird names from either IOC or Birdlife, alphabetical or taxonomic sort order, and text and thumbnail size.

SIMILAR BIRDS loads a list of birds for comparison and identification.

COMPARE BIRDS displays the bird pages side by side for direct comparison.

IDENTIFICATION uses location, habitat, bird shapes and plumage to shortlist possible species for identification, or viewing with the Compare Birds function.

MY LOCATION is an interactive map for generating bird lists and locating birding sites near you. You can use current location or drop a pin for a new location with GPS co-ords and bird list. Birding sites are displayed with links to a list and site description.

MY LISTS is a personal list manager that includes a life list and sub-lists that report to your life list. Sighting details include place, date, GPS co-ords, and sighting notes. You can sync your lists to iCloud for backup, and also sync to linked devices. New SIGHTINGS SUMMARY for a selected species displays a summary list of sightings or displays sightings on a map.

BIRDING SITES includes descriptions and photos of over 270 birding sites from around Australia, with functions for a bird list and ‘show on map’.

MY PHOTOS links your personal bird photos to your sightings and lists, displays thumbnails on the bird pages and links to a photo viewer.

The MULTIMEDIA DATA includes • over 250 field-guide pages • over 900 individual bird pages • all the ‘new’ bird species and names • over 2500 illustrations, 4000 photos, and 1500 bird sounds • colour-coded distribution maps • seasonal status bar • endemic and red data species • rare bird maps.

# This app can be used in the bush and remote locations. It does NOT require a wifi, phone or internet connection to operate.

For more detail on the PIZZEY AND KNIGHT BIRDS OF AUSTRALIA DIGITAL EDITION and to take a tour of the app, please visit

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