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Holy Bible Message Bible (MSG) – RAVINDHIRAN SUMITHRA

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RAVINDHIRAN SUMITHRA - Holy Bible Message Bible (MSG) アートワーク Holy Bible Message Bible (MSG)
ジャンル: 辞書/辞典/その他
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2021年7月3日

Holy Bible, Message Bible (MSG) The best MSG Audio Bible app with for free download. This Message Bible Bible App comes complete with all scriptures of Old Testament and New Testament of Holy Bible (MSG Audio).

This is the Holy Bible, Message Bible Bible app, so if you want to read just feel free to read but if your schedule is very busy and you do not own a minute to sit and read then the “Holy Bible, Message Bible Bible App Free (MSG)” version is good for you. Enjoy listening to God's word each day on your android device. Hope you enjoy the app! We are looking forward to your feedback and any suggestions for improvement. Try to install now, it's FREE

Holy Bible - King James Bible Audio App Free Offline

MSG Bible Free Download - Features :
# MSG Audio Bible : (Online)
# Verses of the day : (Online)
# Read Offline : Read Bible even without internet access other Bibles can’t do that!
# Bible Study : Complete with all Books, Old and New testament.
# User Friendly Interface : Simple but powerful design for easy to use. Browse by books or chapters.
# Portable : No more book. With this app on you android device, Bible can go with you everywhere.
# Share : Share your favorite verse with friends via text message, social network or email
screen all time to listen to your favorite verses.
# FREE : Most important of all, it’s FREE download!!
# Display Settings: Appearance of the Bible text can be customized to your liking. Font, text size, color, background, line spacing, and more. Night mode and full screen mode are also available. Easy bookmarks and notes