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Cold War Military Vehicles – Alexandru Angelescu

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Alexandru Angelescu - Cold War Military Vehicles アートワーク Cold War Military Vehicles
Alexandru Angelescu
ジャンル: 辞書/辞典/その他
価格: ¥300
リリース日: 2019年6月5日

Cold War Military Vehicles is a mini encyclopedia of the most important and influential vehicles that were used during the Cold War.

This pocket compendium app contains over 340 vehicles and lets you explore at a glance:
- the arrival of the main battle tank, from the post-WWII first generation concepts (Centurion, T-54/55, M47 Patton) to the second generation (AMX-30, Panzer 61/68, Leopard 1, Merkava I/II, T-64) and third generation MBTs (Leopard 2, M1 Abrams, Challenger 1, T-80),
- the various design features used in light tanks (the oscillating turret of the AMX-13 and SK-105, the gun/launcher of the M551 Sheridan and the lightweight Wiesel 1 tankette form),
- the diminishing presence of medium tanks (like the Israeli Shermans and the Swedish Strv 74) and heavy tanks (like the Soviet IS tanks, the British Conqueror and the American M103) on the battlefield,
- the birth of the infantry fighting vehicle, leading to the famous BMP, BMD, BTR, M113 and CVR(T) families of vehicles,
- the replacement of traditional tank destroyers (like the ASU-85 or Kanonenjagdpanzer) with highly mobile designs (M50 Ontos, M56 Scorpion or Type 60) and missile-armed tank hunters (IT-1, Raketenjagdpanzer or M901 ITV),
- the development of the armoured car, from the post-war BRDM scout cars to the heavily armed AMX-10RC or Panhard AML and the versatile Commando Scout,
- the different approaches to self-propelled artillery, from the massive 2A3 Kondensator 2P, 2B1 Oka, M107 and M110 to the more mobile M109, FV433 Abbot and Type 75 tracked vehicles and the less expensive BM-21 Grad, ASTROS II and LARS II truck-based multiple rocket launchers,
- the advancements in anti-aircraft systems, from self-propelled guns (Gepard, M42 Duster, ZSU-23-4 Shilka) to surface-to-air missile platforms (2K11 Krug, AMX-30R Roland, S-300),
- the use of highly specialized engineer vehicles (Centurion AVRE, M88, FV180 CET), bridgelayers (Biber, Centurion ALVB) and recovery armoured vehicles (Bergepanzer 2, Greif, FV106 Samson),
- the large array of purpose-built military light vehicles, from artillery tractors, both tracked (AT-S, AT-T, MT-T, M548) and wheeled (ZiL-135, Fiat 6605 TM 69, MAZ-535/537), trucks (GAZ-66, HEMTT, M35, Unimog 404), utility vehicles (C303, Pinzgauer, GAZ-69, HMMWV, M38, UAZ-469) and special carriers (MAZ-543, Bv 202/206).

Each vehicle entry contains at least one archive image, a short text that summarises the vehicle's development and service history and a detailed specifications table offering place of origin and production information, crew, weight and dimensions data, armour and armament details, powerplant and performance figures.

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