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Art Authority – Art Authority LLC

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Art Authority LLC - Art Authority アートワーク Art Authority
Art Authority LLC
ジャンル: 辞書/辞典/その他
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2010年2月18日

40%-OFF! Art AuthorityをiPhone 6および 6 Plus に最適化、「ベストiPad Reference App」に選ばれたArt Authority for iPadに並ぶ高品質になりました。古代から今に至る千以上の西洋画家の作品の集大成となり、9万以上絵画や彫像をご覧いただけます。作品は時代、ロケーション、アーティストごとにまとめられ、全て詳説が表示、更にアーティスト自身や活動した地域、それぞれの作品についての詳しい解説もご覧頂けます。

古代から近代、現代アートに至るまで、Art Authorityは西洋芸術を幅広く、奥深い観察のもと、ユーザーが使いやすくなるよう、整理された形で展示します。


- Art Authorityのサーバーを通し、ユーザーは2 0 GB容量分の高質なアートに
-1000 以上の画家索引、時代索引もあります。
- シャッフル:全アート、時代ごとの順不同ディスプレイ。
- 作品のタイトル、日付、場所がわかるキャプション
-「お気に入り」、「カテゴリ」、「Photos App 」に作品を保存できます
- 実生活に美術館で見たごとがある作品を記録



Now based on our award-winning “Best iPad Reference App” and optimized for iPhone 6. A comprehensive collection of works by over 1,000 of the western world's major artists, from ancient times to today. Organized by period, location and artist, Art Authority's 70,000+ paintings and sculptures are downloaded as needed and displayed chronologically, with detailed captioning. In-depth information about the artists, locations and many individual works is also available.

From the earliest creative pieces to the latest modern and contemporary works, Art Authority provides an impressively displayed, carefully selected, well organized view of the western art world that is both broad and deep.

Features include:

- Access to 20GB worth of art optimized for quality and download speed through our servers (works still under copyright come from authorized sites)
- Early, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary periods
- Special section on American art
- Art movements and/or nationalities within each period
- Highlights for each period, and overall
- Index to all 1000+ artists, plus indices within each period
- Art Real Size: instantly see and understand the actual size of works
- Art Near Me: search for art based on your location
- Shuffle: random display of all art, or by period
- Captions with work title, date, location and other details
- Access to in-depth information on each artist and location, and on many specific works
- Full-screen slideshow display, with user-settable transitions and music
- Multi-touch controls including double-tap and pinch zoom, flick and rotate
- Gallery-like, scrolling thumbnail view shows how works have evolved over time, aids in comparisons and exploration
- Save works to Favorites, Categories or the Photos app
- Keep track of works you’ve seen in real life
- Share works through AirDrop, mail and social networks

Also available for iPad and Macintosh.

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