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100 Java Develop Tips – Job Ma

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Job Ma - 100 Java Develop Tips アートワーク 100 Java Develop Tips
Job Ma
ジャンル: 辞書/辞典/その他
価格: ¥320
リリース日: 2011年12月21日

******100 Java Develop Tips show you the java develop skills.
-----fit for java developers!
100 Java Tips
*****Java Basics
1.Install Java in Linux (Ubuntu / Debian)
2.Java Classpath
4.Java Array
5.Java Primitive
6.Java Variable
7.Java Pass By Value and Pass By Reference
8.Access Modifiers In Java
9.Java Static
10.Java Static Import
11.Java Final Keyword
12.Java Abstract Class and Methods
13.Java Cast and Conversions
14.Java Numeric Promotion
15.Java This
16.Java Weak Reference
17.Java Clone, Shallow Copy and Deep Copy
18.Java Marker Interface
19.Java null and NullPointerException
20.Java Annotations
21.Java Variable Arguments
22.Java Integer Cache
23.Java Double Brace Initialization
24.Java JSON Conversion Tutorial
25.Java Method Reference
*****Java Advanced
26.Java Abstraction
27.Java Encapsulation
28.Java Polymorphism
29.Overloading vs Overriding in Java
30.Why Object is Super Class in Java?
31.Why Multiple Inheritance is Not Supported in Java
32.Covariant Return Type in Java
33.Java String
34.String Equals Java Puzzle
35.Java String Concatenation
36.Java String vs StringBuilder vs StringBuffer Concatenation Performance Micro Benchmark
37.Checked vs Unchecked Exceptions
39.Java Serialization
40.Object Construction in Serialization
41.Externalizable vs Serializable
42.serialVersionUID in Java Serialization
43.Customize Default Serialization Protocol
44.Serialize / De-Serialize Java Object From Database
45.Java Iterator
46.Java Hashtable
47.Java PriorityQueue
48.Read Only Collections
49.Difference between Vector and ArrayList in java?
50.Java NIO Channel
51.Java NIO Buffer
52.Java NIO Path
53.Java NIO File Read Write with Channels
54.Java File Permissions – Don’t Check Permissions before Use
55.File Attributes using Java NIO
56.Glob with Java NIO
57.Java NIO Files – Delete Copy Move
58.Walk File Tree with Java NIO
59.Search File using NIO
60.Monitor a Folder using Java
61.Java NIO TFTP Client
62.Java Generics Basics
63.Type Erasure
64.Cast in Java Generics
*****Java Util
65.Java Timer
66.Java Concurrent Collections
67.Java BlockingQueue
68.Java ArrayBlockingQueue
69.Java DelayQueue 57695528 82262078
70.Java LinkedBlockingQueue
71.Java PriorityBlockingQueue
72.Java SynchronousQueue
73.Java TransferQueue
74.Java LinkedTransferQueue
75.Java BlockingDeque
76.Java LinkedBlockingDeque
77.Java ConcurrentHashMap
78.Java ConcurrentSkipListMap
79.JDBC Introduction
80.Java Symmetric Encryption Decryption using Java Cryptography Extension (JCE)
81.Java Symmetric AES Encryption Decryption using JCE
82.Simple Encryption Decryption with Modulo 26 Polyalphabetic Cipher
83.Java File Encryption Decryption using Password Based Encryption (PBE)
84.Java File Encryption Decryption using AES Password Based Encryption (PBE)
85.Java (JVM) Memory Types
86.Java Class Loader
88.Java Instrumentation
89.Java Garbage Collection Introduction
90.How Java Garbage Collection Works?
91.Java 8 Features
92.Java Stream API
93.Java List size Puzzle
94.Java’s toLowerCase() has got a surprise for you!
95.Send Email in Java using GMail SMTP with JavaMail
96.Java Facebook Login with OAuth Authentication
97.Java JDK Tools
98.Java Decompiler
99.Top 10 Java Debugging Tips with Eclipse
100.iText PDF Java API Introduction
*****Java Collections Interview Questions

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