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WristWeb – Web Browser for Apple Watch – Velocityware

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Velocityware - WristWeb - Web Browser for Apple Watch アートワーク WristWeb - Web Browser for Apple Watch
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥1,200
リリース日: 2015年7月31日

Push your Apple Watch to the Web Surfing Limits using, WristWeb... the most powerful browser available for the Apple Watch.

Browse any site with on your Apple Watch using the most powerful browser available for the Apple Watch. This isn't another application adapted for the Apple Watch. This application was developed SPECIFICALLY for the Apple Watch.

Search for any website using your voice. Quickly perform the same search later using built-in search history.

You can view any page in one of three modes:

1) Simplified Version - Clean, large font version of a webpage that is easy to read on the Apple Watch.
2) Summarized Version - If there is an article on the page, this will use a mathematical algorithm to condense the article to only a few sentences. It will show you the sentences of the article that are most important, and summarize the essence of the article. Perfect for quickly reading a large webpage on your Apple Watch!
3) Full Page Version - It will show the entire graphical version of the web page. No, that's not a typo. It will render the entire webpage on your Apple Watch. You can even click links and interact with the page.

WristWeb allows you to easily switch between modes while surfing the web on your Apple Watch. Just Force Touch the screen while looking at a webpage...then you can view the webpage in a different view mode.

If you find a page that you would rather read on your iPhone? Simply pickup your iPhone, swipe up on the lock page, and the page you are reading will be instantly handed off to your iPhone Default browser.

Everything you do on your Apple Watch is private. No third party servers are used to process or condense the webpages. All of the advanced algorithms that allow you to enjoy the web right on your wrist are contained soley within your Apple Watch and iPhone.

- Create and maintain bookmarks directly on your watch
- All processing is done privately on your own devices (no third party servers will see your surfing activity)
- Simple navigation - Swipe right to go back to previous page. Force touch for the menu of options, etc.
- Images integrated into search results

Empower your Wrist...with WristWeb

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