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Timedash Widget – TIN

3月 13, 2021 | コメントは受け付けていません。

TIN - Timedash Widget アートワーク Timedash Widget
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥150
リリース日: 2021年2月1日

Timedash combines your most vital daily information in one nifty widget: time, date, weather & a daily step counter, all available in one clear overview on your home screen. Choose from up to 30 different function & color combinations, ranging from expressive and colorful to sleek and clean designs. Carefully designed with lots of attention to detail, Timedash is an absolute must have widget for every Home Screen!

● Like keeping track of your daily step count? Ana Weather Steps makes this very easy and with the colorful options available even a feast for the eye!

● Want to have the best looking digital clock combined with the date and local weather indicator? The Digi Date widget is for you!

● Going for a hike in the weekend? Use the pedometer to keep track your daily step count, combined with the time and local weather.

● Do you work across different time zones? Use the dual time zone widget combined with the date and local weather.

● Use the analog / digital clock for a clean and minimalist approach.

Timedash comes with four unique widgets, each available in multiple cool color combinations:

● Ana Digi
Ana Digi combines an analog and digital clock as homage to eighties analog-digital watchmaking.

● Dual Ana Date Weather
Analog clocks in two time zones, date and local weather indicator.

● Digi Date Weather
Digital clock combined with date and local weather indicator.

● Ana Weather Steps
Analog clock combined with local weather indicator and your daily step count.

• Timedash is available for iPhone and iPad running iOS 14+, and can be accessed across all your iOS devices with a one-time purchase.
• There is only one version of Timedash in the App Store. Other similar-looking apps are not developed by the Timedash team.
• Timedash optionally connects with Apple Health App to display your daily step count.
• Timedash uses your location to display weather data for your location.
• We take your privacy very seriously and will never collect, nor share, any personal data.

Proudly designed and made in Amsterdam
© Timedash 2021 – TIN

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