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Office Word : for MS Docs edit – Aaron Prentice

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Aaron Prentice - Office Word : for MS Docs edit アートワーク Office Word : for MS Docs edit
Aaron Prentice
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥730
リリース日: 2013年8月21日

Allows you to create, view and edit Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 documents on your ios devices.

You can transfer existing .doc or .docx from your PC to the iPad via Wifi Transfer or USB Sync. .

Fantastic Write Pro for iPad supports the following in editing Word and text documents

+ View, create and edit Microsoft Word 2007-2010 documents (.doc & .docx)
+ View open office documents
+ Powerful file management capability
+ Headings, lists, tables, and figures
+ Outline view and editing for quickly navigating and restructuring large documents
+ Automatic numbering, cross-references, table of contents, list of figures & tables
+ Convenient file transfer capability with support for Wi-fi transfers.
+ Spelling and grammar checking functionality
+ Insertion of headers, footers and comment
+ Support insertion, deletion, merging and spliting cells in tables
+ Word and characters Count
+ Text highlighting
+ Multiple and granular zooming
+ Unlimited number of undos and redos
+ Large number of font supports
+ International language input
+ Drawing tools support including drawing of shapes
+ Full support of the Retina display.
+ Import & export with iTunes® file sharing.
+ PDF export: Attach PDF to an e-mail and save PDF files.
+ Direct communication with Pages®, Evernote® and other apps.
+ Text import from Macintosh, Linux and Windows.
+ *Bluetooth keyboard* support, including all shortcuts
+ On-screen keyboard and “virtual trackpad” for convenient editing
+ Auto-correct takes the headache out of typos
+ PDF Converter and signature

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