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My Time Logger 2 – Time Lapse – Chi Kau Wan

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Chi Kau Wan - My Time Logger 2 - Time Lapse アートワーク My Time Logger 2 - Time Lapse
Chi Kau Wan
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥650
リリース日: 2019年5月12日

With just a few clicks a day, you are rewarded with informative charts on time spent and detail statistics to manage your time! Statistics are available in daily, weekly, monthly or any day range you want.

MyTimeLogger 2 is an excellent tool for anyone who believes TIME is valuable in your life!!!

Track your time spent with EASY to use and INTUITIVE user interface
CONCISE and CLEAR charts / calendar to analyze how your time spent
EXPORT to EXCEL, Numbers, etc, for reporting to boss or further analysis

App features:
- Simple and yet intuitive interface
- Customize timer size until you feel comfortable
- Reorder timers with simple drag and drop to match your daily routines
- Create your own timers with free unlimited beautiful icon pictures from Internet
- Colorful activity icons to find timers without troubsome search or activity grouping
- Context sensitive setups. Set up configurations in the place where they are used without lumping all setups together in one place
- Statistics available with our built-in pie charts, bar charts and calendar reporting engines. Drill into detail data if needed
- Export summary and detail statistics to Numbers, EXCEL, etc in Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad
- Context sensitive help
- Backup and restore, and more...

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