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HourlyMeow – 然 赵

1月 25, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

然 赵 - HourlyMeow アートワーク HourlyMeow
然 赵
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥160
リリース日: 2018年4月22日

What an hourly chime app can do?
Only tell you the time ?
What if you can set up time plans for different scenarios?
What if the ringtone of each hour and each half-hour can be customized?
What if you can cycle countdown timers?

Then you will get your own TIME CODE,
your time connotation will be more abundant than others'.
"HourlyMeow" is such a adorable and punctual assistant,
it will help you to:

Simple operations bring rich application scenarios:
• The time can be notified in text even if the phone is muted during the conference.
• Assigning different ringtones for different times help you to grasp time more accurately.
• In conjunction with your schedule, you can record or create special sounds for key times.
• You who work sedentary on the screen may try to make a reminder to remind you to rest or drink water to help you develop healthy habits.
• Living, working, studying, reading... create individual time scenarios, sliding to switch, no need to reset.
• Patients can use Meow to set up medication reminders.
• Record what you need to memorize as a sound to help you strengthen memory.
• Use a repeating countdown timer to remind you somethings easy to forget...

"HourlyMeow" is such a small tool that requires your imagination to exert its maximum power. (#^.^#)

Key features:
• Create individual hourly or half-hourly chime scenarios and easy to switch.
• Hourly time report.
• Half-hourly time report.
• Play meows to your cat.
• Customize the ringtone of each hour or half-hour with a closable notification.
• Recyclable long countdown timer.
• Customize countdown timer ringtones and text notifications.
•Time points voices.
• Use recordings as ringtones.
• Add custom ringtones made by other apps.
•Freely modulate colors of themes.
• Cute and business style app icons.

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