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Groundwire: VoIP SIP Softphone – Acrobits

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Acrobits - Groundwire: VoIP SIP Softphone アートワーク Groundwire: VoIP SIP Softphone
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥1,500
リリース日: 2010年8月17日

Acrobits Groundwire: Elevate Your Communication

Acrobits, a leader in UCaaS and communication solutions for over 20 years, proudly introduces the Acrobits Groundwire softphone. This top-tier SIP softphone client offers unmatched voice and video call clarity. A softphone designed for both personal and professional use, it seamlessly integrates quality communication with an intuitive interface.


Groundwire is a SIP Client, not a VoIP service. You must have service with a VoIP provider or PBX that supports use on a standard SIP client to use it.

Choosing the Best Softphone App

Experience robust communication with a leading SIP softphone application. Preconfigured for major VoIP providers, this softphone app guarantees high-quality, secure, and intuitive calling. Perfect for maintaining connections with friends, family, and colleagues, maximizing all aspects of your VoIP experience.

Key Features of the SIP Softphone

- Exceptional Audio Quality: Enjoy crystal clear audio with support for multiple formats including Opus and G.729.
- HD Video Calls: Conduct up to 720p HD video calls, supported by H.264 and VP8.
- Robust Security: Our SIP softphone app ensures private conversations with military-grade encryption.
- Battery Efficiency: Thanks to our efficient push notifications, you can stay connected with minimal battery drain.
- Seamless Call Transition: Our VoIP dialer smoothly switches between WiFi and data plans during calls.
- Softphone Customization: Tailor your SIP settings, UI, and ringtones.
- 5G and Multi-Device Support: Ready for the future, compatible with most mobile operating systems.

Other features included on this robust app include: instant messaging, attended and unattended transfers, group calls, voicemail, and extensive customization for each SIP account.

More Than Just a VoIP Softphone Dialer

Groundwire softphone offers more than the standard VoIP dialer experience. It’s a comprehensive tool for crystal clear Wi-Fi calling, equipped with robust business VoIP dialer features. It offers a secure and reliable softphone choice with no hidden fees and a one-time cost. Leverage SIP technology for improved call quality. Make this softphone your first choice for dependable, and easy SIP communication.

Download a feature-rich and modern SIP softphone now and be part of a community enjoying the best in voice and SIP calling. Transform your daily communication with our exceptional VoIP softphone app.

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