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File Picker – Turing Software, LLC

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Turing Software, LLC - File Picker アートワーク File Picker
Turing Software, LLC
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2021年11月15日

Access your local files and folders on supported web sites including:,, and more!

File Picker is a Safari App Extension that implements the File System Access API web standard. This allows any website or web app that uses the standard to access any local files and folders stored on your iOS device. Stay secure with iOS's built in permission system which ensures that only files that you explicitly grant access to can be read or written to by the website.

Example Uses:

* Write code on the go with Microsoft's Visual Studio Code: Just enable the extension for and you can open files and folders directly from the web app.
* Edit PSDs with With the extension enabled, you no longer have to download a new PSD when you save your work, you can save to the opened file directly from the web app.


* File picker and folder picker on any website that uses the File System Access APIs
* Support for limiting MIME types and multiple files
* Opening existing files, creating new files, and writing to opened files
* Stream APIs (on supported websites): large files can be read in small chunks and at different positions which saves memory and increases performance
* Legacy FileReader interface is also supported


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