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Video LUT – Katerina Alieksieienko

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Katerina Alieksieienko - Video LUT アートワーク Video LUT
Katerina Alieksieienko
ジャンル: 写真/ビデオ
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2016年7月21日

Adjust your videos and photos with more than 1500 cinematic presets.  

Import your own LUTs (color presets) and apply them. Edit your LUTs files and export them in different formats.

A camera is also available for recording or taking photos using your own imported presets

Contains professional editing adjustments tools in order to correct grading your videos and images.

Supported LUT formats:

- DaVinci Resolve 3D Cube LUT (.cube)
- Autodesk 3D LUT (.3dl)

You can import .cube, .3dl and 512x512 .png LUT tables.
Import or save cube files to iCloud, DropBox, etc. Just use the Admin/Import button in the app.

- Visualize LUTs in 3D
- Export them also as LUT images (.png)
- Share any LUT as .cube 16, 32, 33 (DaVinci Resolve 3D Cube LUT) to the desktop or other apps.
- Import .zip files containing LUT files, unzipping in other apps is not necessary.
- Match colors from images and build new LUTs.
- RGB, HSL, CMYK, LAB and Skin Masks and Curves

Don't miss the included two new official conversion LUTs from FiLMiC Pro app for processing their all-new Flat and LOG V2 gamma curves! Find them under Presets -> CONVRT

Tool Includes:

- Split Toning
- RGB Curves
- LAB Curves
- HSL Tool
- HSL Curves
- Split Tone
- Color Wheels
- Saturation
- Brightness
- Contrast
- Exposure
- Gamma
- Highlights
- Shadows
- Temperature
- Tint
- Overall Opacity
- Color and Curves Masks

All these tools can also be used to create and edit your new LUTs!

Video Resolution: The app will save in the best possible format, the highest resolution for your iPhone, which means that if you have a 4K video it will save as 4K providing your iPhone is 6s, 6s+,7, 7+ or newer. But if your phone is older it will be saved in just the best possible resolution.

This app will not resize up your video, so if your original video is 720p it will remain with that size.

If you have an iPad, get the "Video LUT for iPad" app instead of this app.

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