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Feedibus — RSS Feed Reader – Nicolas Neubauer

6月 01, 2022 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Nicolas Neubauer - Feedibus — RSS Feed Reader アートワーク Feedibus — RSS Feed Reader
Nicolas Neubauer
ジャンル: ニュース
価格: ¥980
リリース日: 2021年10月7日

Read News & Articles

Feedibus is a newsreader app. It supports Atom, RSS, and JSON feeds. All techno-gibberish to you? Don’t worry. Many news websites and blogs offer this service for free so that you can read all your loved and trusted sources in a beautiful interface, organized automagically.

Key Features, Making Feedibus Unique:

- Magic Content: Enjoy full articles in a beautiful reading experience, even for feeds with just summaries.
- Magic Deduplication: Streamline your timeline, grouping duplicates and similar content.
- Magic Interests: Discover more, automagically learning your interests.

What makes Feedibus so magical? We could tell you that it uses machine learning and other state-of-the-art computational methods to offer you this awesome experience — but that wouldn’t sound so cool, would it?

What else?

- iPad/iPhone Support: Read on all your devices.
- iCloud Sync: Keeps your devices in sync, including all machine learning data.
- Widget Support: Add your favorite news source right to your home screen.
- Customizable Reading View: Pick your favorite font, size, and appearance.
- Background Updates: Keeping your content fresh, effortlessly.
- OPML-Import & Export
- Bookmarking: Save articles for later.
- Switch between Reading Experiences: Decide for yourself how to read articles, including Embedded Safari Reader Mode.
- Favorite Feed Groups: Organize your feeds thematically & focus on what matters in the moment.
- Sharing with Friends & Social Networks
- Dark Mode / Light Mode
… and much more.

Design Philosophy

We believe that reading your favorite news & articles should be fun, engaging, and informative. Some newsreaders seem to make this a chore, treating it like your email inbox. Feedibus presents all content in a chronological timeline. It highlights what it thinks is interesting and groups duplicate content for you just scroll through, discover and enjoy what you like.

We want to go the extra mile for you — for instance, we even analyze the images within an article to detect faces and interesting content so that we can crop them to minimize required space while maintaining essential parts of the image. All powered by the amazing chips in your device!


We recently added iPad + iCloud Sync support and more is on our todo-kist, including apps for other devices such as the Mac or even the Apple Watch. Do you have some ideas or feature request? Send us a message and stay tuned...


No sign-up required. All machine learning and processing happens locally on your device. We don’t know what you read, and we don’t want to. Please review our privacy policy for more details.

Pay once, own forever

Since 2.0 Feedibus requires a one-off payment if you download it from the app store. All functionality included. Only for customers of previous versions we maintain legacy in-app purchase options.

* The Fine Print

Magic Content works for many websites; Feedibus supports its machine learning features for most languages, even if you subscribe to feeds of different languages simultaneously. Feedibus’ user interface is currently available in English & German, but more localization is on our to-do list.

In-App-Purchases are subject to the EULA (

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