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VFR Course Calculator – Konstantinos Blatzonis

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Konstantinos Blatzonis - VFR Course Calculator アートワーク VFR Course Calculator
Konstantinos Blatzonis
ジャンル: ナビゲーション
価格: ¥100
リリース日: 2015年1月11日

The VFR Course Caclulator calculates true heading, magnetic heading & course, compass heading & course, wind correction angle, cross wind and headwind by entering the true course, wind direction and speed, true air speed, variation and deviation. Further it is possible to calculate the flight time (TL) for a distance in dependance of groundspeed. Based on these values it calculates fuel demand and weight if you enter the consumption (flow) and fuel density. It does not matter which field you use. The app will automatically convert the entered data in metric, US and UK unit system. The app converts NM (nautical miles), SM (statue miles) an KM (Kilometers) instantly. You can switch in the results for ground speed (GS), cross wind (XW) and head wind (HW) between knots (kt) or kilometres per hour (kph)

True course, true heading, wind direction and wind speed is visualised with a vector (TC), aircraft symbol (TH) and wind barb (WD & WS).

If you want to calculate only the flight time and/or fuel and know your groundspeed, just put your groundspeed into field "true air speed" and enter flight distance "distance leg", fuel demand (burn per hour) and fuel density. Leave the other fields empty.

This app is useful to pilots and aircraft apprentices for planning your VFR flight fast and easily.

App is running natively on iPhone and iPad.

The app is completely written in LiveCode.

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