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One Tap Messenger – Next Apogee OU

11月 21, 2020 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Next Apogee OU - One Tap Messenger アートワーク One Tap Messenger
Next Apogee OU
ジャンル: ナビゲーション
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2020年3月30日

One Tap Messenger can help you sending text message/making a phone call in following scenarios:

- to stop distracted driving
- gyming
- hiking
- riding bicycle
- busy time
- emergency

Only one tap to send your predefined message to the contact while driving,riding,gyming...Or quickly send out distress messages in various emergencies. You can easily add 9
closely related contacts and setting 6 predefined message templates for each one.

With the 2X3 message speed sending grids, One Tap Messenger can help you keep contact with your love ones,customers,friends and important person by one tap.

You can insert a location hashtag #location# into your predefined message template, your current location will be inject into it, it's very useful for telling your contact your realtime location (emergency position)

Why you need One Tap Messenger? Because you've got better things to do than writing text messages all the time to everybody. Especially:

Because you are riding a bicycle or driving...
Because you don't like keep your eyes on the phone while walking on the street....
Because you are taking care of your baby...
Because you don't know where are you now but your friend are asking you...
Because you're too busy to write text messages anyway ...
Because you're on your way to the shoot and a little late, as usual...
Because you're on exotic locations without WIFI all the time ..
Because you can only use one hand, on the other is your it bag...
Because you're hiker or batman, you need to send distress signal in emergencies
Because you don't like texting ...

One Tap Messenger will

- Speed Send Text Message : Provide "one touch send message" function to individuals. Send SMS or make phone call by your thumb.

- Quick message : 2X3 grids contain 6 pre-defined message, one tap to send

- Text message with GPS : You can send your current location to your friend. You can customize your message with a MAGIC keyword #location#, One Tap Messenger will replace it with your current location when you sent.

- Send the text message as iMessage automatically if the network is ready.

- Customize 6 different message body for every contact.

- 20 awesome SMS template for your reference.

- WIFI and 3G is not required, If you don't need to send iMessage or your current location.

- Auto-sync contact data across your iOS devices with iCloud.

- No setup and service fee, no third party contracts, no remote server, 100% private!

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