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GPX Viewer-Converter on gpsMap – m sagar

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m sagar - GPX Viewer-Converter on gpsMap アートワーク GPX Viewer-Converter on gpsMap
m sagar
ジャンル: ナビゲーション
価格: ¥480
リリース日: 2016年9月15日

GPX Viewer-Converter is an application provides you to load the gpx files, convert gpx files over the map.

This app works for offline and online.

How to Export or Import .gpx files into Application?

You can view, add or import .gpx files into the application in multiple ways

1) Keep the .gpx files to the mail or any places in mobile, then long press on gpx file that shows the application to import the file over the map.

2) Click on “Add through link” Icon on Menu bar enter .gpx files link to add the files in to the application.

3) Share gpx files from other apps which will be similarly supported files like Email,WhatsApp,Add to Notes,Add to iCloud Drive,Save to files and other apps.

4)Connect your iPhone or iPad to System then iTunes will automatically opens an window.Click phone symbol on top left—>File Sharing and you can see the GPX Viewer app then click on app icon to add .gpx.

5)Tap on the file to share or export to the other Applications.

How to create Gpx Waypoints?

1)Long press on map to add waypoints or markers.

2)You can Save the Gpx Waypoints with userDefined Names.

3)After successfully saving the file will be stored in list.

4)You can again load the saved Gpx file over the map.

5)You can share Gpx files to multiple apps similarly supported files

How to get Waypoints Details?

1)Tap on waypoint then click on info icon, if waypoint contains Description,email id,url links,phone numbers etc, will be displayed on the description page.

2)from description page you can open url links in another browser.

How to delete the Gpx file?

—>In the list section, swipe left to delete file.The file will be permanently deleted from the application.

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

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