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Mellowmuse Software - Vocal Track アートワーク Vocal Track
Mellowmuse Software
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥370
リリース日: 2011年3月18日

Vocal Track - Song vocal recorder & effects

Vocal Track allows you to record and mix your voice with the songs on your iPhone or iPad. It includes a vocal canceller to reduce the level of a song's main vocal, a high quality digital reverb, a dynamics compressor and noise gate for the built-in microphone, and a pitch shifter to change a song's pitch without affecting it's tempo.

You can record unlimited takes (subject to free disk space), and later share them via email, Messages or other social media apps.

Top features:
• Record and mix audio with songs from your iTunes library.
• Add reverb and dynamics compression to the microphone
• Attenuate a song's main vocal for instant karaoke tracks
• Change the pitch of a song without changing it's tempo
• Record unlimited takes of your performances
• Share recordings via email and installed apps using standard activity view
• Display embedded song lyrics

Vocal Track needs to access song sample data and therefore DRM protected songs CANNOT be loaded. All songs purchased after 2010 via iTunes are DRM free, as are songs imported from CD etc.

System Requirements:
iPhone 5s/iPad 2 or better
iOS 10.0 or later
Use with Headphones recommended

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