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Square Dance Music Player – HotPaw Productions

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HotPaw Productions - Square Dance Music Player アートワーク Square Dance Music Player
HotPaw Productions
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2015年3月24日

HotPaw One Tip Music Player for Western Square Dance Callers

This app is designed so that a Western Square Dance caller can cue up and play music for one guest "tip", a patter call followed by a singing call, on an iPhone or iPad. MP3 files can be selected from the iOS devices iTunes Music Library.

The tempo and pitch can be controlled separately for each selected tune, plus or minus 10% in tempo and plus or minus 4 semi-tones (400 cents) in pitch.

Loop points can be set for the patter music:
- by time in seconds (using the keyboard),
- or by tapping points on the circular time wheel after first selecting which time, "from" to "to".
You can enable Autoloop to play continuously, or manually Jump back to the first "jump to" point.

The app includes a built-in Notes page for manually entering one memo (words, choreography, sight squares, etc.)

This app contains no music itself. Music must be first loaded into the iOS device's Music Player via the iTunes Store app or iTunes on your Mac or PC. DRM protected music files are not supported by this app. Make sure to use only music properly licensed for performance in public. Appropriate music licensing for Square Dance Callers may be available thru CallerLab.

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