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Snoosic – ミュージックスリープタイマー – Troy Rizzo

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Troy Rizzo - Snoosic - ミュージックスリープタイマー アートワーク Snoosic - ミュージックスリープタイマー
Troy Rizzo
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2016年5月5日

Snoosic, your music player sleeping aid. Snoosic allows you to listen to music or audiobooks from all popular music apps, then after a set time tailored to your needs, will pause the audio and put your device in sleep mode.

Features and Benefits:

- Single tap setup with 4 options: 5 min, 15 min, 30 min and 45 min, with a custom timer option.

- At the -30 sec mark, 3 soft tones will notify you to tap or nudge your device for 10 extra minutes of listening.

- Nudge Detection: After the -30 sec beeps, touch your device 
to +10 minutes listening time.

- Battery Saver: Save battery life with this extreme screen dimming feature.

- Face Down Use: Nudge detection has you covered to 
enjoy complete darkness!

- Widgets & Shortcuts: Launch Snoosic quickly with these app icon long press actions.

- Light & Dark Mode: Automatically switch between light and dark.
It’s easy on the eyes.

- Dim the screen in one swipe.

- Widget, that allows you to start a music sleep timer with quick access from any screen

- Long press the home screen icon for quick actions

When the timer hits zero, your music or audiobook will pause and your device will auto-lock based on the settings in your device.

Note: Snoosic must be open in the foreground with the timer running to operate and take advantage of the new nudge detection feature.

Snoosic is the most powerful music sleep timer on the App Store.

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