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Scrobl – for – Shad Deen

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Shad Deen - Scrobl - for アートワーク Scrobl - for
Shad Deen
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2013年10月16日

NOTE: Currently not fully functional with iOS 8 (update coming soon)

Scrobl is the freshest, snappiest scrobbler for all your iOS devices with background scrobbling

- Finds the music you've listened to in Apple's Music app by scanning your music library for new play counts and scrobbles them to your profile
- No need to sync with iTunes to get your scrobbles!
- Supports iTunes Match (iTunes in the Cloud)
- View a summary of your profile inside the app
- Option to automatically scan when opening app
- Turn on 'Show profile photo' to replace the circle at the top with your profile photo
- Stores offline plays and scrobbles them when you have an internet connection
- You won't lose un-scrobbled tracks if you quit the app
- Universal app to use with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Supports landscape and portrait for the iPad and iPad mini)
- Automatically love 5-star rated tracks
- Switch in settings to remove/condense duplicate tracks to one track (useful for iTunes Match subscribers)
- Scrobble Album Artist switch
- Background scrobbling: Users on iOS 7 can take advantage of Background App Refresh. Scrobl will search for scrobbles roughly every 10-60 minutes and submit them.
- username and password securely stored on your device's Keychain
- Clean, fuss-free interface
- The ultimate batch scrobbler
- URL scheme: scrobl://

Note: Background scrobbling will only work for devices running iOS 7.0 and higher

Looking for a real-time scrobbler and music player? Try SmartPlayer available on the App Store.

Any problems or questions please contact me via @shaddeen_ or

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