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REMAKE – multiband effect – Aleksandar Mlazev

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Aleksandar Mlazev - REMAKE - multiband effect アートワーク REMAKE - multiband effect
Aleksandar Mlazev
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2017年10月17日

Remake is a multi-band effect designed for rich and crisp sound. The input signal is split into 3 parts. Then resonances are added to the lows (under 100Hz) and at the same time two harmonic voices are added to the mid frequencies only. One unison voice and one on perfect fifth interval. These 2 voices have their own positions in the stereo. Then the original mids are mixed with the additional voices and the signal goes through warm and gentle overdrive/gain booster effect with gain control. The high frequencies of the sound are sent through slight vibrato effect.
All these signals are finally mixed on the output to form the result sound.

The effect can work as a stand alone app and as an audio unit AUV3 plug-in.

- Bass Vibe - amount of resonances on the low frequencies
- Mid Gain - gain on the midshipmen’s
- Voices - level of the additional mid voices
- Reverb

This is my first multi-band effect and I made it on a music hack day at Vienna to demonstrate my audio technology.

© © Aleksandar Petrov Mlazev