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Popsicle FX – Kai Aras

6月 28, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Kai Aras - Popsicle FX アートワーク Popsicle FX
Kai Aras
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,000
リリース日: 2022年3月24日

Popsicle is a Multi Effects Processor built around 2 independent stereo effects engines each having access to a total of 24 different effect algorithms.

Effect engines can be used in series or parallel configuration or split between stereo channels where one is affecting the left channel while the other one is affecting the right channel respectively.

Popsicle features a powerful XY Pad capable of controlling one or more fx parameters per axis. XY motion can be recorded and played back in sync with the host tempo allowing for highly dynamic effects.

In addition, a advanced mode unlocks a fully featured mod-matrix with an additional LFO and Envelope Follower allowing for even more dynamic effect combinations and performances.

Included Effects:
- Lowpass Filter
- Highpass Filter
- Bandpass Filter
- Morphing Filter
- Formant Filter
- Comb Filter
- Echo
- BPM Delay
- Short Delay
- Reverse Delay
- Stutter
- Chorus
- Flanger
- Phaser
- Tremolo
- Auto Pan
- Vibrato
- Bitcrush
- Distortion
- Fuzz
- Pitch Shift
- Plate Verb
- Hall Verb
- Mod Verb

- Standalone
- AUv3

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