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Piano Notes Finder LR – Max Schlee

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Max Schlee - Piano Notes Finder LR アートワーク Piano Notes Finder LR
Max Schlee
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2014年4月25日

Learn or improve the sight reading of the notes, using this app just a few minutes each day!

When you point to a note on a virtual page, PianoNotesFinder will show you where this note is on a piano keyboard and the other way around, if you push a key, you will see the corresponding note and hear the sound it makes.

This is how you will be able to quickly and easily develop and improve your note-reading skills.

Here are the additional reasons why you should buy this App:
1. Intuitive and easy-to understand interface;
2. Full keyboard range of a grand piano (7+ octaves, 88 keys) with authentic sounds;
3. Built-in note sign ages: standard (A, B, C) as well as solfeggio (do, re, mi);
4. Treble clef and bass clef modes including flats and sharps;
5. Sound for every note being played;
6. Retina display supported.

We are certain you will find PianoNotesFinder very useful!

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