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Music Speed Changer Pro 2 – Harald Meyer

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Harald Meyer - Music Speed Changer Pro 2 アートワーク Music Speed Changer Pro 2
Harald Meyer
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥860
リリース日: 2017年5月28日

The Music Speed Changer** app allows you to easily change the playback speed and the pitch (key) of audio in real-time and independently from each other. The app also supports video (with zooming), subtitles (e.g. for karaoke), images (e.g. for scores), and text.

Demo video**:

++ If you encounter stops during playback then increase the buffer size in the app's settings. ++

## Features ##
- Change pitch and tempo (speed, time-stretch) independently and in realtime using time and frequency domain algorithms.
- Create range and position markers.
- Loop and select regions.
- Export/share and import songs with annotations (for instance for for sharing between music teachers and students).
- Playlists.
- Video view* with zoom support (for instance to get an exact view on a guitar player's hand).
- Text view with auto scrolling and monospace font support (e.g. useful for tabs).
- Subtitles view to show subtitles (for instance for karaoke).
- Image view with zoom support (for instance for displaying scores in image format).
- Volume amplification, and simple voice reduction.
- Channel selection (left/right).
- Import various formats including mp3, wav, m4a, ogg, aac, mp4 video,...
- Export modified audio to wav, mp3, m4a, and flac.
- Batch conversion of files.
- Record audio directly in the app.
- Frequency conversion (for instance to 432Hz).
- Import audio from: media gallery, iOS "Open in" (supported by many apps, including DropBox), iTunes File Sharing (USB), and Wifi upload.

* An iPhone 6 or better is recommend for the best video experience. The recommended video resolution is 720p.
** The old app name was "Audio Pitch and Speed Player"

Use cases: music instrument training by adjusting tempo and pitch to anytune, transcription, karaoke, ...

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