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Mintzer Big Band Essentials – Fuzzy Music, LLC

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Fuzzy Music, LLC - Mintzer Big Band Essentials アートワーク Mintzer Big Band Essentials
Fuzzy Music, LLC
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,220
リリース日: 2015年12月30日

Welcome to the Mintzer Big Band App. This is, by far, the most ambitious app production and undertaking ever for us here at Fuzzy Music Mobile. But we know that the hard work and expense is worth it, because this app does more to bring the big band experience to everyone anywhere than any other product.. How?

While most “play-along” products allow for the user to “music-minus” two or three tracks, this app allows the user to minus (or solo) ..

1st (Lead) Trumpet
2nd Trumpet
1st Trombone
Bass Trombone
Lead Alto
Lead Tenor
Baritone Sax
Guitar (2 tunes)
Percussion (4 tunes)
Instrument Solos

in any combination, plus the ability to record yourself or multiple play-along partners and then save/ send that mix to your instructor, colleagues or friends. Your iPhone or iPad built-in mic can do the job, but a 3rd-party microphone (from such companies as Zoom, Shure, or Apogee) might give you the best-sounding results. Each chart/part can be printed or emailed from the app.

The are 10 tunes total in the Mintzer Big Band App library and store. Two titles are included for free. Our hope is that you’ll dig the experience and the music so much that you’ll want to play along with all of this great music, played so well by so many great musicians. In-app purchasing makes the complete library available to you.

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