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LE03 | AudioTune + AUv3 – AudioKit Pro

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AudioKit Pro - LE03 | AudioTune + AUv3 アートワーク LE03 | AudioTune + AUv3
AudioKit Pro
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2020年6月4日

This app is #3 in our series of 10 Limited Edition apps. Learn more:

AudioTune is a new real-time pitch correction AUv3 plugin from Coda Labs and AudioKit. Make vocals and instruments sound more in tune, or add creative robotic tuning effects in real-time with nearly zero latency.


- Real time auto pitch correction for monophonic signals from 50Hz to 2000Hz.
- Works on male and female voices.
- Control the correction amount and correction speed for natural or robotic sounding output.
- Tune to 144 different scales.
- Set your pitch standard to any frequency (default: A=440Hz)
- Use in standalone with wired or wireless headphones.
- Works in all AUv3 hosts, such as Garageband and AUM.
- Shortcut to process audio files in standalone.
- Record your creations in-app in standalone.
- Run multiple instances of AudioTune in compatible hosts.

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