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Gradient Synth – Corey Lofthus

6月 23, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Corey Lofthus - Gradient Synth アートワーク Gradient Synth
Corey Lofthus
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥700
リリース日: 2024年6月22日

** Gradient Synth - A Gateway to Music and Sound Design **

Gradient Synth is your new favorite synthesizer app for music and sound design. Create music in a fun, unique way and experience sound like never before. Suitable for all ages, our app has been tested by great-grandparents making soothing sounds for their great-grandchildren and by children teaching their parents new features as they play together. You can even play more than one note at a time!

** Invest in Your Creativity **

Unleash a variety of sounds, from calm and soothing to exciting and weird. Change the colors to change the tone. Let your creativity flow with Gradient Synth.


* Simply tap or press the gradient to start making sound
* Text display: learn the instrument as you play; get feedback on changes and input precise parameters
* Customizable display for personalized setup
* Simple mode: perfect for kids!
* Favorite preset mode: quickly switch between presets
*Visualizer: choose from different modes for an engaging visual experience

* 30 presets to get you started
* Editor for deep customization
* Overtone fader and ADSR envelope control
* Note Editor: change the scale of the gradient
* Polyphony: play up to 4 notes at a time, with a monophonic toggle option
* Drag to re-pitch with toggle option
* Note guide overlay for easy navigation
* Tone animator for dynamic sounds
* Color picker to customize your experience
* User preset: save and name your work

* MIDI compatibility: control with a keyboard or sequencer
* MIDI compatibility: control with a keyboard or sequencer
* Bluetooth MIDI device selector
* Filter MIDI channel input
* AUv3 compatibility: use in your favorite DAW

* 2 FX: choose between reverb, delay, saturation, bitcrush, chorus, and a low pass filter
* Each effect has a mix control and an XY pad to control 2 parameters

** Join the Gradient Synth Community **

Share the app with friends and explore endless creativity together. We've got colors, sounds, and creativity waiting to be explored. If you enjoy Gradient Synth, please rate us on the App Store. Your feedback helps us improve and grow!

** Hear What Our Customers Have to Say **

"I believe in Gradient Synth!" - TONY G.

"I feel like Mozart." - HANNAH R.

"I like to change the colors." - SHEPHERD O., Age 5

** Creative Potential **

Gradient Synth is designed to inspire anyone to create, regardless of experience. Play with sound using a colorful gradient and explore deep editing options to bring your musical ideas to life.

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