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BRS Quartet BRAZIL Play Along – Fuzzy Music, LLC

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Fuzzy Music, LLC - BRS Quartet BRAZIL Play Along アートワーク BRS Quartet BRAZIL Play Along
Fuzzy Music, LLC
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,220
リリース日: 2019年9月22日

This unique play-along app has been created by 4 of the standard bearers in the contemporary Brazilian music scene: Celso de Almeida (drums), Paulo Paulelli (bass), Marcus Teixeira (guitar) and Felipe Silveira (keys). As the session producer Thadeu Lenza put it, "Brazilian music play-alongs are really hard to find (even in Brazil), so we decided do to this project: jazz standard forms with Brazilian rhythms. I'm a drummer and music producer and we record everything at my own studio, Drum Village Studio, in Sao Paulo, Brazil."

One listen and you’ll hear how great they play. More listens and you’ll learn how to play any music in Brazilian style ... this app focuses on jazz standard forms.

The BRS Quartet have created a set-list of sorts, inviting the user (the listener, the musician) to "play a show with us. This would be a gig set list, starting with a happier song and finishing with a more difficult tempo."

As with all Fuzzy Music Play-Along apps, the user may listen to/play-along with the complete music track (classic "Aebersold" or karaoke method). The use may also SOLO or MUTE any individual track or combination of tracks, and/or adjust the mix levels. Plus, the app allows for recording your performance to share it with your teacher, colleagues or friends. Chord progression and form charts accompany each "standard" (in the keys of C, Bb + Eb), and may be mailed by using the iPhone or iPad’s Mail app.

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