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AU3FX:PeakQ – Kymatica AB

9月 05, 2022 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Kymatica AB - AU3FX:PeakQ アートワーク AU3FX:PeakQ
Kymatica AB
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2022年2月1日

A versatile 4-band parametric stereo equalizer AUv3 plugin for everything between subtle frequency enhancements to agressive boosting/cutting or special resonator effects.

This app is part of the AU3FX series, a collection of simple and powerful audio unit effect plugins.

• High quality 32-bit DSP engine.
• Two parametric peak filters with gain, frequency and Q.
• Low-shelf filter with gain and frequency.
• High-shelf filter with gain and frequency.
• On/Off toggle for each band.
• Interactive frequency response curve with draggable handles.
• Real-time FFT spectrum analyzer with pre/post/off switch.
• Comes with several bundled presets.
• Use multiple instances at the same time.
• Save/load session state in host.
• External access and control of all parameters from host.
• User presets shared across hosts (on iOS 13 and later).

The container app shows the Users Guide. Load the AU3FX:PeakQ inside any music app that supports hosting Audio Unit Extensions to use the plugin.

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