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[6 CD] ショパン ピアノ クラシック Chopin Piano Classic 100% – LIU ZHEN HAI

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LIU ZHEN HAI - [6 CD]  ショパン ピアノ クラシック Chopin Piano Classic 100% アートワーク [6 CD] ショパン ピアノ クラシック Chopin Piano Classic 100%
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2013年7月22日

[6 CD] Chopin Piano Classic 100%,Just the best.

【CD 1】Chopin Classic
【CD 2】Chopin Waltzes
【CD 3】Chopin Preludes Op.28
【CD 4】Chopin 27 Etudes Opp. 10,25 And Posth
【CD 5】Chopin 12 ÉTudes,Op.25
【CD 6】 Chopin Mazurkas Impromptus Nocturnes

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【CD 1】 Chopin Classic

01。 Piano Concerto No.1 In E Minor Op.11:Ⅱ. Romanze (Larghetto)
02。Piano Concerto No.2 In F Minor,Op.21:Ⅱ. Larghetto
03。Piano Sonata No.2 In B Flat Minor Op.35:Ⅲ. Marche FunèBre (Lento)
04。Piano Sonata No.3 In B Minor,Op.58:Ⅳ. Finale - Presto Non Tanto
05。Polonaise No.3 In A Military Op.40 No.1
06。Polonaise No.6 In A Flat,Op.53 Heroic
07。Polonaise-Fantaisie In A Flat Op.61
08。Berceuse In D Flat Op.57
09。4 Ballades:No.3 In A Flat Major Op.47
10。Fantaisie-Impromptu In C Sharp Minor Op.66
11。Barcarolle In F Sharp Minor,Op.60:Allegretto
12。Krakowiak Op.14
13。Scherzo No.2 In B Flat Minor,Op.31
14。Rondo In C Major For 2 Pianos,Op.73
15。Fantasia On Polish National Airs Op.13

【CD 2】Chopin Waltzes

01。No.1 In E Flat Op.18
02。No.2 In A Flat Major Op.34 No.1 (Valse Brillante)
03。No.3 In A Minor Op.34 No.2
04。No.4 In F Major Op.34 No.3 (Valse Brillante)
05。No.5 In A Flat Major Op.42 (Grande Valse)
06。Waltz In D Flat Op.64 No.1 Minute
07。Waltz In C Sharp Minor Op.64 No.2 - Tempo Giusto
08。Waltz In A Flat Major,Op.64 No.3 - Moderato
09。No.9 In A Flat Major Op.69 No.1
10。No.10 In B Minor Op.69 No.2
11。No.11 In G Flat Major,Op.70/1
12。No.12 In F Minor,Op.70/2
13。No.13 In D Flat Major,Op.70/3
14。No.14 In E Minor,Op.Posth

【CD 3】Chopin Preludes Op.28

◎Preludes Op.28
01。No.1 In C Major (Agitato)
02。No.2 In A Minor (Lento)
03。No.3 In G Major (Vivace)
04。No.4 In E Minor (Largo)
05。No.5 In D Major (Allegro Molto)
06。No.6 In B Minor (Lento Assai)
07。No.7 In A Major (Andantino)
08。No.8 In F Sharp Minor (Molto Agitato)
09。No.9 In E Major (Largo)
10。No.10 In C Sharp Minor (Allegro Molto)
11。No.11 In B Major (Vivace)
12。No.12 In G Sharp Minor (Presto)
13。No.13 In F Sharp Major (Lento)
14。No.14 In E Flat Minor (Allegro)
15。No.15 In D Flat Major (Sostenuto) [Raindrop]
16。No.16 In B Flat Minor (Presto Con Fuoco)
17。No.17 In A Flat Major (Allegretto)
18。No.18 In F Minor (Allegro Molto)
19。No.19 In E Flat Major (Vivace)
20。No.20 In C Minor (Largo)
21。No.21 In B Flat Major (Cantabile)
22。No.22 In G Minor (Molto Agitato)
23。No.23 In F Major (Moderato)
24。No.24 In D Minor (Allegro Appassionato)

【CD 4】Chopin 27 Etudes Opp. 10,25 And Posth

◎27 Etudes Opp. 10,25 And Posth
02。A Minor,Op.10/2
03。In E Tristesse Op.10/3
04。C Sharp Minor,Op.10/4
05。G Flat,Black Keys ,Op.10/5
06。E Flat Minor,Op.10/6
09。F Minor,Op.10/9
10。A Flat,Op.10/10
11。E Flat,Op.10/11
12。In C Minor Revolutionary Op.10/12

【CD 5】Chopin 12 ÉTudes,Op.25

◎12 ÉTudes,Op.25
01。No.1 In A Flat Major Harp Study
02。No.2 In F Minor
03。No.3 In F Major
04。No.4 In A Minor
05。No.5 In E Minor
06。No.6 In G Sharp Minor
07。No.7 In C Sharp Minor
08。No.8 In D Flat Major
09。No.9 In G Flat Major Butterfly S Wings
10。No.10 In B Minor
11。No.11 In A Minor Winter Wind
12。No.12 In C Minor

【CD 6】 Chopin Mazurkas Impromptus Nocturnes

◎Mazurkas Nos.1-58
01。No.2 In C Sharp Minor,Op.6 No.2
02。No.8 In A Flat Major,Op.7 No.4
03。No.20 In D Flat Major,Op.30 No.3
04。No.23 In D Major,Op.33 No.2
05。No.24 In C Major,Op.33 No.3
06。No.39 In B Op.63 No.1
07。No.40 In F Minor Op.63 No.2
08。No.42 In G Op.67 No.1
09。No.43 In G Minor Op.67 No.2

◎3 Impromptus
10。No.1 In A Flat Op.29
11。No.2 In F Sharp Op.36
12。No.3 In G Flat Op.51

13。No.9 In B Major Op.32 No.1
14。No.10 In A Flat Major Op.32 No.2
15。No.12 In G Major Op.37 No.2

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