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yROM Goniometer – David Zhu

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David Zhu - yROM Goniometer アートワーク yROM Goniometer
David Zhu
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2015年1月11日

The most functional, user-friendly range of motion measurement app - designed for home or clinic use!

-Simply hold in your hand, move your arm, and tap the screen measure - no need to move the phone around

-Full shoulder, elbow, and wrist ROM measurement: Shoulder abduction, scapular plane elevation, flexion/extension, internal/external rotation (abducted), and external rotation (at side); Elbow flexion/extension and supination/pronation; Wrist flexion/extension and radial/ulnar deviation

-Free Measure mode for use with any other joint

-Measurement error detection from tilt and wrist movements

-Combined accelerometer and gyroscope data allows measurement around all 3 axes - no need to reposition between tests

-Record multiple measurements for each test without having to reset

-Easily save measurements, and export measurements as a spreadsheet via email

-Full movement instructions with illustrations included for each ROM movement

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